Where's Cafe?

Don’t adjust your boom box. We're reimagining Cafe, and we'll be making an exciting announcement soon. (Hint: Expect an entirely new publication with a big mission and some great people.) In the meantime, we're not standing still. One site alone can't contain our imagination. That's why we're launching The Mid.

So, What's The Mid?

There are something like 65 million of us—pressed for time, squeezed for attention, working too hard, raising our families, laughing as we look back, and focused on the future. In other words, living lives in the "messy middle."

That’s what The Mid is all about. You’ll find your favorite Cafe contributors there (including people like Deb Copaken, Leigh Anderson and Turney Duff). We're writing with honesty, humor and soul, giving you just the right mix of family, work and pop culture (especially the 1980s and 90s stuff that still makes us feel awesome). Come join us: right here, right now. (Get it? You're in The Mid.)

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