Wow: These Courageous Republicans Came Really, Really Close To Calling Out President Trump


By now, you’ve definitely seen President Trump’s completely unhinged rant in which he, uh, defends neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Yes, it was disturbing, but don’t worry: these brave Republicans are here to kind of sort of call out Donald Trump without directly saying his name for fear of political reprisal. Who said politicians can’t be courageous?

Senator, thank you. Who are you talking about, specifically, by the way?

Good start. Think you might be missing something, though.

Wow. Hey, do you think there’s some high-level political figure you could be directing this sort of message towards?

Agreed, Todd. Maybe let the president know?

I think you can be just a little bit clearer, Rob.

Just curious: where do you think some of that rhetoric comes from?

Sure thing! You probably want to let your boss know first, though.

Speaker Ryan, powerful words. Also you’re missing a name… can’t quite put my finger on it.