Wow – The President’s Tweets During Hurricane Harvey Are Incredibly Powerful And Brave


Hurricane Harvey has devastated the state of Texas with violent winds and rising floodwaters. Not to worry, though! Over the weekend, President Trump was tweeting some very important information for those affected by the historic natural disaster.

Whoops, never mind. He was recommending books and bragging about how big the storm was. What a great guy!

Thank you, sir.

Inspiring stuff.

125 MPH winds? Bad ass!

Classic “President-during-a-huge-disaster” move.

Gotta take a break from all this flood stuff to read. Totally understandable.

Isn’t it neat how big this storm is?

“What are the chances that I’m president during an event of such historic proportions? Cool!”

Gotta play the hits. I get it.

Stay safe, Houston. PS – NAFTA sucks.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough how awesome it is that the storm is really, really huge.

That oughta do it. Your work here is done, Mr. President.