Will George W. Bush’s Paintings Make You Forget Every Single Other Thing You Know About George W. Bush?


Say what you will about George W. Bush, but the man’s being doing his best to rehabilitate his tarnished image. He’s been stopping by daytime talk shows, speaking out against President Trump, and most surprisingly, he’s been painting. But a couple of important questions remain: what are the subjects of his paintings, and are the paintings good enough to make you forget about his innumerable war crimes?

Former President George H. W. Bush

We’re sure Daddy Bush would be very proud of this accurate portrayal – although not quite accurate enough to wipe out the memories of the time his son lied about WMDs and completely destabilized the Middle East. But still, pretty close!

Various Soldiers

Wow! We’ve got a real talent on our hands. It’s almost enough to make you forget that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed because of his unjust war!

The Self-Portrait

We’ve gotta say it: President Bush absolutely nails this self-portrait. On a totally unrelated note, 4,491 American soldiers died in the Iraq War.


Is that Eddie Money I hear? I’ve got… two paintings of dogs, quite nice! Just joking around, folks. You know what isn’t a joke, though? The Iraq War cost taxpayers over $2 trillion.

Late Night Legend Jay Leno

President Bush captures the best of Leno in one simple painting… the hair… the eyes… the famous chin. Great stuff. Hey, remember the abuses and torture at Abu Ghraib prison?