What Does The Future Hold For Former Press Secretary And Giant Toddler Sean Spicer?


Good night, sweet prince: White House Press Secretary and live-action version of The Simpsons‘ Üter Sean Spicer has resigned. It’s not all bad, though, since he’ll have a lot more time to, uh, yell at ice cream companies on Twitter? He’s gotta have other hobbies, right? What else is he going to do?

  1. Finally pass the half-digested corn cob that’s been sitting in his stomach since Thanksgiving.

  2. Focus on building dozens of incredibly detailed and intricate Gundam models.

  3. Spend more time struggling to communicate with his family.

  4. Finish taking his English-as-a-second-language correspondence course.

  5. Find a new half-crazed billionaire scion to constantly berate and belittle him.