We Give Up: Here’s 5 Pictures of Kate Middleton to Help You Forget About The World’s Shit

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(credit: Getty)

There’s a lot of serious shit going on in the world right now. ISIS attacked Paris and has vowed to attack the United States. Boko Haram continues to attack schools and children in Africa. In the U.S., both terrorists and Americans continue to shoot people with large automatic rifles, and a fascist is running for president. Plus Planned Parenthood is always being accused of killing babies.

The news is depressing and sometimes you just need a break from it all. Occasionally you have to look at something useless to take your mind off everything, like pictures of Kate Middleton wearing really pretty clothing.


Oh look! Kate on her wedding day, look at how pretty and white that dress is. It reminds you of a simpler, more beautiful time, before Trump was running for President.


That’s a beautiful tiara. Did you know it belonged to the late Princess Diana? I know, sad, but also beautiful because you just know that Diana would have loved Kate. On a side note, it’s pretty cool that Kate’s official job as a world leader is to go to balls.


She wore the same gown three different times? Whaaa?! Duchess is just like us except super rich and super famous but she’s pretty so she deserves it.


Look at how beautiful and calm Kate looks in her tailored Alexander McQueen jacket. I bet she’s never even heard of Ted Cruz.


She’s so happy even while wearing a hat with maple leaves. It’s like she doesn’t even live on planet earth.

That’s it. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time not thinking about the shitty world we live in.