These People Want To Stare At The Solar Eclipse Because They Think NASA Is Hiding Something From Them


I recently stopped by the best Flat Earth Facebook group online to make sure the meme situation was still going strong. It definitely was, by the way. This time, though, I was specifically looking for text posts related to today’s solar eclipse – and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

Lots of people are angry and confused about, uh, clouds. Don’t you guys know that it’s never supposed to be overcast on the day of an eclipse? This is clearly a conspiracy of some sort.

“The eclipse will prove the earth is flat, and yet I’m supposed to believe it’s cloudy by accident? I don’t think so.”

Some people have apparently been preparing for the eclipse with signage:

But as funny as the previous posts are, they’ve got nothing on the many, many people who think it’s perfectly fine to stare at the sun.

And of course, no conspiracy theory would be complete without Satanists.

Never change, internet. Never change.