There Are Only 7 Things More Awkward Than Jeb Bush Endorsing Ted Cruz

Jeb Bush IowaRead
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Failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush cannot stop making America uncomfortable. From flubbing simple attack lines to having George W. for a brother, everything he’s done on the national stage has been – to put it as politely as possible – cringeworthy.

Now Jeb is endorsing far-right renegade Ted Cruz, a man who’s built his entire career attacking the Bush family establishment in Texas. Could anything be more painfully awkward? Well… maybe these 7 things that haven’t yet happened (but there’s still time!)…

1. Monica Lewinsky asking Hillary Clinton to officiate her wedding.

Hillary Clinton (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

2. Paul McCartney singing Oasis songs with Yoko Ono.

3. Barack Obama agreeing to sponsor Melania Trump’s citizenship.

donald and melania trump

4. Tom Brady walking in on Gisele in bed with Roger Goodell.

5. Richard Nixon giving the toast at Bob Woodward’s retirement party.

6. John Boehner spotting Donald Trump a canister of spray-tan.


7. Jeb! Bush calling Ted Cruz back after his first offer to endorse was politely declined.