The Packers Are Proof That NFL Teams Would Rather Tank A Season Than Sign Kaepernick

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Green Bay Packers began the season ranked #5 in ESPN’s NFL power rankings. They won four of their first five games and sat in first place in the NFC North.

And then Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone. He’s probably out for the year. Backup Brett Hundley took over at quarterback, and the team hasn’t won a game since. They’re now down to #18 in the ESPN rankings and the collapse is far from over.

But don’t worry; it could have been worse for Green Bay. They could have signed Colin Kaepernick.

(We’ll pause here for your bitter snarls of “ungrateful thugs.” Let us know when you’re done.)

Done? Okay, so anyway, the Packers have been directly faced with the option of salvaging their season with Kaepernick — a Super Bowl veteran who’s thrown 72 career touchdown passes — or sticking with Hundley and possibly never winning another game.

The Packers chose Option 2. The message to their fans: we would literally rather lose every remaining game this season than sign a talented quarterback who kneeled during the national anthem last season. And undoubtedly, some very loud segments of those fans agreed.

In the interest of accuracy, Kaepernick has been passed over by all 32 NFL teams, but some of them have legitimate excuses. Like New England, which has Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback in league history. Or Philadelphia, 8-1 with Carson Wentz. Or the LA Rams, 6-2 with Jared Goff.

But Green Bay has EVERY reason to sign Kaepernick, assuming the point of NFL football is to win football games. Just consider…

  • They have a roster that’s primed to win now; hence the preseason ESPN ranking.
  • Kaepernick’s game is similar to Rodgers’. He’s great on designed roll-outs and extending plays with his pocket mobility.
  • Kaepernick is FROM WISCONSIN. The Packers are his home team.
  • Brett Hundley — and this cannot be emphasized enough — is God awful at playing quarterback in the NFL.

This should be a no-brainer, but it’s readily apparent for large segments of the Packer fanbase — and the NFL fanbase at large — there are worse things than losing all your remaining games.

Disaster averted, huh?