The Oakland Raiders Took The New York Jets, No One Is Shocked

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

This past weekend, Oakland Raiders enjoyed a 45-20 victory, which many football analysts agree should count as a “win” in the season standings.

The complication? The team they were playing was the New York Jets.

While the Jets are a professional football team insofar as they have uniforms and a stadium and traumatic brain injuries, it’s a matter of debate whether games they play should count in the win-loss records of legitimate franchises.

The Raiders, for instance, play in a highly competitive division with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos. As these clubs angle for a playoff spot, would it really be fair to include victories against the Jets?

Remember, this is a team that let Geno Smith depart and somehow got worse. A team whose owner would rather flee to England than attend another one of their games.

So while it’s fun and affirmative to have the Jets participate in a league that undoubtedly features some of their heroes like Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs, letting their games actually matter seems excessive.

To avoid future conflict, maybe they could just have a really big Madden tournament with the members of the Cleveland Browns until the season finishes up.