The Five Stages of Grief When You Lose Your Twitter Verification for Being Racist


Loss is never easy.

I’m talking, of course, about becoming un-verified on Twitter. A number of far-right activists, including Richard Spencer, John Kessler, and Laura Loomer, lost their blue checkmark verification badges following a revamping of Twitter policy announced Wednesday.

Loomer — in the news most recently for receiving a lifetime ban from Uber and Lyft after an anti-Muslim tweetstorm last month — took this opportunity to again showcase her flair for explosive online meltdowns over a private company denying her service.

In an effort to help Loomer and others like her, we’ve collected a few examples of grief-stricken behavior to help concerned friends identify the five stages of verification-badge-loss grief.

Denial (The “I’m Not Mad, I’m Actually Laughing” stage)

Anger (The “Compare Yourself to Holocaust Victims but Also Blame the Jews” stage)

Bargaining (The “I Can Trick @Jack Into Giving Me Back My Blue Check, With Logic” stage)

Depression (The “Why Don’t the People Who Never Liked Me in the First Place Still Not Like Me” stage)

Acceptance (The “Practice Mindfulness” stage)

Laura … we hope you can find support from your racist friends in this trying time.