The DNC’s Voter Outreach Strategy Is Unbelievably Out Of Touch


The Trump administration is a festering disaster. Let’s check in on the Democrats! Surely they’re taking advantage of the current political climate.

Hmm… I’m no highly-paid Democratic strategist, but these both seem like absolutely terrible ideas. Nobody on the left is mad at Trump for not building the wall, and nobody on either side of the political spectrum likes receiving intimidating bills in the mail. What else does the DNC have in store for voters? If they’re fresh out of ideas, I’ve got a few they can use.

1. Threatening letters

Pretty straightforward stuff. Who’s not opening a letter like that? Boom. You’ve just won the 2018 midterms.

2. Slightly less threatening letters

When explicit death threats don’t get the job done, take it down a notch. Let the voters fill in the blanks.

3. Call out Trump on his innumerable political failures

This one’s a freebie. You’re welcome, guys.

4. Mail a bloody piece of clothing to every registered Democrat

The clothing represents the United States, and the blood is from uh… Donald Trump’s policies.

5. Two words: hostage situation

Hold your voters hostage at gunpoint until they promise to donate money to the DNC. Not sure if this is legal.

6. More threatening letters

Hey, if it works, it works.