The 5 Most Terrifying Things We Saw in the San Bernardino Shooters’ Home


Earlier today, several news outlets including CNN, MSNBC, and Inside Edition made their way into the apartment of San Bernardino shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik with the permission of their landlord. Here are the five most bone-chilling things we saw during this live coverage.


At first glance this appears to merely be an image of the paperwork and identification of two immigrants, but look closer and you’ll spot one of several employees of a once reputable news source unaccompanied by law enforcement. Unreal.



This photo, tweeted by an LA Times reporter, seems innocuous. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice eight people with no backgrounds in forensic science obstructing an active crime scene. Awful.



Alarming. An invasive reporter unmindfully thrusts forward her index finger before police investigators get the opportunity to dust for prints. Careless, to say the least.



This may look like a group of meddling journalists preparing to report from a crime scene. Terrifyingly enough, this is in fact a group of meddling journalists preparing to speculate from within a crime scene. Unbelievable.



Is that a Qur’an? The shooters’ bounded manifesto? Whatever it is, the man touching it is complicit in obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. I think we’re going to be sick.