STUDY: 99% Of All Bernie Sanders’ Quotations Now Devoted to Top 1%

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

A study released this week has concluded that an astonishing 99% of all new Bernie Sanders utterances are going to the world’s wealthiest 1%.

Nearly 1% of the global population (approximately 34 million people) have a net worth of at least $1 million (USD). These people account for 45% of global wealth and roughly 90% of Sanders’ talking points, speech expert Sandra McGhehey told CAFE.

“You didn’t see this 30 years ago,” McGhehey continued. “There was much fairer rant distribution in the early stages of Sanders’ presidential campaign. There was a time when paid maternity leave and the pervading threat of gun violence received equal if not more deliberation than the wealthy in one of Sanders’ speeches. Now we’re lucky if he goes two sentences without mentioning the top one-tenth of 1% of America’s high society.”

This became exceedingly more problematic in the most recent Democratic debate, when Sanders somehow shifted discussion of the attacks in Paris to American billionaires.

“It’s sad, really. The top 1%, our nation’s most affluent citizens, receive the bulk of Sanders’ speculation while on stage, while issues like foreign policy struggle to get so much as a full minute of attention. We refer to this inequality between matters of contention as a ‘topic aristocracy.’”

A committee is currently being established to regulate how much consideration each facet of Sanders’ campaign platform receives.