Stay Tuned 01/17: Sanctions, Secrets and Security (with David Cohen)

Show Notes

Guest: David Cohen is the former Deputy Director of the CIA and former Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He’s currently a partner at WilmerHale.

*Interview taped on 1/14/19.

On this episode of Stay Tuned, Preet and David discuss:

–        The latest reporting from the New York Times and the Washington Post on Trump and Russia

–        The key components of a successful sanctions program and the Trump administration’s approach to Russia and North Korea

–        The persisting threat of jihadist ideology

–        America’s influence in the world

References made in the episode:

–        David Frum’s article about issuing a subpoena to the president’s interpreter

–        Vanita Gupta’s article, “Bill Barr Must Not Be Sessions 2.0 on Civil Rights”

–        The Washington Post report on Trump’s private conversations with Putin

–        The New York Times reporting the FBI started a counterintelligence inquiry into Trump

–        Preet’s tweet on Trump and NATO

–        Report that the Trump Administration decided to lift sanctions imposed on the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s companies

–        The SDNY’s Reza Zarrab case

–        The 2018 Chicago Council on Global Affairs report, “America Engaged”

–        The joint statement issued by President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un after June’s 2018 Summit in Singapore

–        Trump’s declaration of love to Kim Jong Un

–        John Brennan’s twitter feed

–        The Wall Street Journal story on Turkey seeking the extradition of basketball player Enes Kanter

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