Shonda Rhimes is Probably About To Take Over Netflix, Here Are 6 Shows We Expect To See

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Shonda Rhimes — the brain behind shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, and How to Get Away With Murder — is leaving ABC for Netflix. Rumor has it that she’ll be bringing her signature Shonda-style to the streaming service’s signature shows, with updates like …

How to Get Away With Making a Murderer

This follows the exact plot of Netflix’s Making a Murderer, except instead of a bunch of poor white people, it’s a host of racially, ethnically, and sexually diverse models, and instead of the murder being sad, it’s kind of awesome.

How To Get Away With Murder

Kerry On My Wayward Standup Special

Kerry Washington gets a standup special, because this is Netflix! Her best joke of the special: reminding everyone that Scandal used to have a semi-plausible plot-line.

GLOW’s Anatomy

In a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, the ladies re-brand themselves as the Gynecologist Ladies of Wrestling and start their own small doctor’s office/gym.

Shonda Presents Stranger Things

The only SCANDAL about this ’80s-inspired show is how good it is! Just kidding, it’s the abortion episode.

Orange is the New Black

This one basically stays exactly the same, except instead of prison hooch, they somehow have white wine.

House of the Unbreakable Private Okja

The result of Shonda’s inevitable breakdown, this is less “TV show” and more “slowly zooming in on a glass of wine while playing a super-cut of beloved characters dying.” Bonus: it’s a musical episode!