Shockingly, The Person Who Managed To Lose An Election To Donald Trump Needed Five Days To Write A Media Statement On Harvey Weinstein

(Kevin Mazur/WireImage for TIME)

Presidential runner-up Hillary Rodham Clinton laced into Harvey Weinstein in a prepared statement on Tuesday, declaring that his alleged pattern of sexual assault on female colleagues “cannot be tolerated.”

It was a much-needed rebuke of a man who may have lined Democrats’ pockets over the years but who has an apparent pattern of behavior that even a Fox News host would call predatory. Clinton’s statement was clear in its condemnation, as should be expected from a noted advocate for women and workplace equality.

The only problem? It took her 5 days to write it.

Needless to say, this delayed statement is sending shockwaves through Washington. How could the presidential candidate who somehow managed to lose an election to Donald Trump — a six-times bankrupt reality TV star on his third wife — be so slow to react to realities on the ground that she needed nearly a week to make the most obvious press statement in the history of press statements? Baffling!

This is the candidate who waited months before apologizing for her private email server, allowing it to become the singular issue of the 2016 race for Leader of the Free World! The candidate who didn’t make a campaign stop in Wisconsin or Michigan even as polls showed them slipping away! How could that same person need 5 days to confirm that her old campaign backer shouldn’t be allowed to masturbate in front of female colleagues? It just makes no sense.

Of course, even if Clinton blew it (and she did), give her this: she still managed to beat fellow Weinstein beneficiaries Barack Obama — whose statement came hours later — and Joe Biden, who as of press time still hasn’t commented on Weinstein.

But hey, Joe might have one more presidential campaign to run… and fundraise for. Just saying.