Russia Deploys Devastating Weapon Upon America: Our Own Racism

(Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Since the dawn of the Cold War, Americans have feared the weaponry that Soviets and Russians might unleash upon us. It started with conventional weapons and quickly escalated to nuclear warheads and even laser beams from space.

But starting with last year’s elections, Russian forces deployed a new, massively potent weapon against the American people: Our own terrible racism.

According to a Washington Post report, Russian operatives purchased Facebook election ads depicting a black woman firing a rifle in an attempt to “stoke fears within white communities.” Other ads highlighted candidate Hillary Clinton’s high level of support from Muslim voters and those affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

The ads’ intention — to inspire voters to choose Donald Trump over Clinton — succeeded, despite Trump’s own pre-election insinuations of war with North Korea, Iran, or both. In other words, the Russians correctly bet that Americans would sooner face North Korean nuclear warheads than a black American exercising her Second Amendment rights.

The Russians’ feat is all the more impressive in that they appear to have understood American racism better than many Americans did. After Trump’s victory, you could hardly take three steps into a Whole Foods without encountering a white American in disbelief at the racial animosity that was still festering in 2017. Of course millions of African-Americans were not surprised. And, as it turns out, neither were Vladimir Putin’s henchmen.

With another election just a year away, look for Russians to show similar prescience by purchasing Facebook ads depicting equally “terrifying” images — including a fourth woman on the Supreme Court, Puerto Ricans getting to vote for president, and a black person winning The Bachelor.

That oughta be enough to net another Senate term for Ted Cruz.