Roger Stone’s Website: Like A Streetwear Blog Run By A Senior Citizen


Political consultant and friend of President Trump Roger Stone likes to think of himself as something of a rogue or raconteur. When he’s not DMing Russian hackers, he’s working on his personal website dedicated to fashion and style. For a dude who looks like a cross between an anthropomorphized zoot suit and a naked mole rat with a wig glued to its head, you’d think he’d make his style blog seem a bit classier. You’d be wrong, though. Here are a few of our favourite parts of Roger Stone’s fashion website.

1. The fact that he somehow manages to spell “fashion” wrong

You’d think spelling “fashion” correctly on your personal website dedicated to, uh, fashion would be, like, the number one thing to look out for.

2. This picture:

The name’s Stone. Roger Stone. I’ll take a Metamucil martini – shaken, not stirred.

3. The fact that the “S” in “SWANK” gets cut off so it looks like this says “WANK”

Classic. It looks like it says wank instead of swank.

4. This entire article:

That’s it. That’s the whole piece. This does not merit a “101” in the title. “Buy clothes and organize them.” Boom. Done. Really compelling stuff.

5. This line about seersucker suits:

What sets seersucker apart from other materials? It’s the ‘coolest’ material to wear in hot and humid weather. ‘Coolest’, as in temperature, and ‘coolest’ as in hip baby!

Congratulations, Roger. You found a way to make seersucker suits seem even lamer.

6. The part in his bio where he brags about being named to a Best Dressed List in 2001

For the record, this is how people dressed in 2001:

7. His spelling of “Reddit”

I mean, in fairness, he nailed it in the subsequent paragraph. By the way, I feel as though I should mention that the President of the United States takes advice from this guy. That seems good.