Religious Right Whackjob Bryan Fischer Loves Tweeting Almost As Much As He Hates LGBTQ People


Bryan J. Fischer is a conservative talk show host based out of Oklahoma, and he really doesn’t like gay people. Seriously: he’s compared them to Nazis, called them “homofascists,” and believes that children in same-sex households should be forcibly kidnapped and placed in heterosexual homes. For real, anytime you have a section on your Wikipedia page called “Homosexuality and Nazism,” you’re probably not a very nice dude. Anyway, on April 2nd, he tweeted this:

Is this the stupidest tweet of all time? It very well could be. I mean, really, what could stand up to something this colossally moronic? What could possibly compete with a post this horrendous? Well, besides literally everything else he’s ever tweeted.

He’s not referencing a terrorist attack you may have forgotten about, by the way. He’s referring to the day gay marriage was legalized nationwide. Pretty sweet metaphor, though.

Look, when you’re this obsessed with gays and Nazis, uh, well… I’ll just leave it at that.

Huge congratulations for not wanting to burn gay people in ovens. It takes a big man to admit that.

Kind of a refreshing change from all the Nazi imagery, to be honest.

“Discrimination is good, actually.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it kinda seems like Bryan really wants to marry a gay dude.

We’ll give him this much: he knows how to spell turds. Not 100% sure whether or not he freezes them and shoves them up his own ass, but we’ll keep you posted.