Here Are Some Rave Reviews That Trump’s White House Forgot to Share

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(credit: Getty)

Earlier this morning, the new Trump-ified White House, allowed a brief respite from churning out “alternative facts,” responded to those who say President Trump’s had a rocky start by sending this email out to the press:

Wow! Former New York Post employee Jonathan Karl! Fox News host and hardcore street-fighter Sean Hannity! The Chicago Tribune‘s notoriously right-wing editorial board! Quite a lineup!

Yet as impressive as these endorsements are, it gets even better. That’s right, after some in-depth sleuthing spending a few minutes screwing around with photoshop, the crack team at CAFE has uncovered a bunch of rave reviews that the White House forgot:

Way to go, Donnie! Enjoy the praise. After all, like the 1.5 million people who attended your inauguration, everyone quoted above is totally real.