President Trump’s Reaction To Hurricane Irma Is Basically The Same As A Four-Year-Old Boy’s


How is President Trump reacting to the record-setting hurricane headed Florida’s way? If you guessed “tweeting about how big it is,” congratulations! You don’t win anything. There are no prizes anymore.

This is definitely the exact thing you want to hear from the President of the United States when a life-threatening storm is bearing down on you and your loved ones. “This thing is fuckin’ huge! God damn! You seeing this shit? Whoa!”

Now, in fairness, he’s also approved emergency declarations for Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands – but he probably could have done that without publicly gawking at the size of a hurricane on Twitter.

With that in mind, how would the president respond to a gaggle of other gigantic natural disasters? I’m guessing something like this: