President Trump Proclaims June As African-American Music Appreciation Month (Yes, THAT President Trump)


Donald Trump has gotten pretty much everything wrong since taking office. This was expected. However, chew on this: The White House has officially announced that the month of June is African American Music Month.

How will it actually choose to celebrate this special month? Who knows! To commemorate this rather joyous occasion, maybe Donny should check out some… African American music.

With that in mind, here are my personal top five best and Blackest albums I suggest he try:

1. The Notorious B.I.G. – Ready to Die

It was B.I.G.’s debut album, it’s considered a classic amongst the Hip-Hop elite, and on the album cover, the Bad Boy team chose a random afro-puffed, brown-skinned, baby boy from the Bronx. That’s about as black as it gets.


2. D’Angelo – Voodoo

I’m slightly biased, considering I will argue with anyone until a nosebleed ensues, that D’Angelo’s sophomore album is one of the greatest top 5 albums of all-time, but if the White House is wondering, “what does a Black soul sound like?” – here’s the perfect answer.


3. Public Enemy – Fear of  Black Planet

Always controversial, always timely, always monumental. Public Enemy’s third studio album, with an unnamed black planet orbiting past Earth, and a PE member in the planet’s cross-hairs; symbolic of what PE felt their music, sound, and image represented to mainstream media – a change, a revolution.


4. N.W. A. – Straight Outta Compton

Before Cube even begins his verse, Andre Young kicks off the intro to the track amidst the sound of screeching sirens, “you are now about to witness the power of street knowledge”. This shit was revolution through the eye of a shotgun – it’s gets no Blacker than that.


5. Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

If I were to choose an official to represent Black people at a meeting about representing Black people, I’d choose Miles davis. And I’d ask him to play Bitches Brew, loud as fuck, over the PA system. This album – daring, brash, aggressive, beautiful. Thundercat and Anderson Paak may owe a hug and a handshake to the man, and to the album.