POLL: Which “Apprentice” Episode Best Prepared Trump to Handle Terrorism?


As Donald Trump makes the case that he’ll be the best commander-in-chief for America, we decided to look at his most recent credentials. As host of “The Apprentice,” several episodes provided him with preparation for the job, but which equipped him the most?

Take a look, and vote:

“Apprentice” Season 2 Episode 9:  “Bringing Down the House”

In this episode, Trump makes sure everyone knows that you have to “control” your contractor because even if they didn’t go to Harvard, they’ll still pick your pocket. This is a good one, because as commander-in-chief you might say similar things about the Jihadists who robbed the National Bank of Iraq.

“Apprentice” Season 1 Episode 6: “Tit for Tat”

In “Tit for Tat” Mr. Trump tells the audience that the only way you can beat your competition is if you spend a lot of time studying them. As head of the military, perhaps he can use this advice to get a great “deal” when it comes to stopping terrorism.

“Celebrity Apprentice” Season 7 Episode 10/11: “Who Stole My Phone” 

This episode centered around creating a photobomb campaign and involved the “Real Housewife” Kenya Moore. Important, as this may have helped Trump learn that “Kenya” is more than just the nation where President Obama was born.

“Apprentice” Season 3  Episode 3: “Trouble is Brewing”

In this tour de force, we are told that leaders rarely wait for a consensus, and they have the ability to think independently. Perfect, as that kind of philosophy got us embroiled in a decade-long war that gave rise to ISIS in the first place.

“Apprentice” Season 4 Episode 3: “Something Old, Something New”

In this episodeMr. Trump has Miss Universe 2004 parade around in front of one of his lawyers—hoping that it will inspire some “unbelievable” legal work. Perhaps this idea could be transferred to foreign policy, as America could send this woman to the Middle East, thus solving all of our problems there.

“Celebrity Apprentice” Season 4 Episode 5: “The Art of the Deal”

If Meatloaf fighting Gary Busey over stolen art supplies doesn’t teach you a thing or two about the complexities surrounding the Arabian peninsula, nothing will.

“Celebrity Apprentice” Season 4 Finale: “Sweet Victory”

The episode’s title, “Sweet Victory,” is proof that if you just call something victory, it ends up happening. Not a bad strategy when it comes to defeating the Islamic State.

Which “Apprentice” Episode Best Prepared Trump to Handle Terrorism?

“Bringing Down the House”
“Tit for Tat”
“Who Stole My Phone”
“Trouble is Brewing”
“Something Old, Something New”
“The Art of the Deal”
“Sweet Victory”

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