Please Do Not Make A Hurricane Irma Parody Twitter Account


Thinking of starting a Hurricane Irma parody Twitter account? Please don’t.

First of all, it’s 2017. If it was 2012, you could maybe get away with it. Not because it’d be funny back then, but because there’d still be some degree of novelty. Parody accounts have always been incredibly stupid. They were garbage in 2012, they’re garbage now.

In all honesty, it’s probably too late for this kind of advice. Just look at what gets brought up in the search results for “Hurricane Irma.”

Thank God that last one says “parody account.” For a minute there, I thought it was the real Hurricane Irma. Phew.

“Now hold on a minute, Stefan,” you’re hopefully not saying out loud, “Sure, these accounts look terrible, but what about their actual tweets?”

Okay, here you go:

Freaking epic. Unbelievably classic shit. Hurricanes aren’t supposed to be able to tweet, and yet as you can clearly see, the comedic geniuses behind these accounts have managed to convince all of us that this isn’t the case. For a minute there, I thought hurricanes could tweet. That’s how good this content is. Impressive stuff.

Listen, I think it’s important to let people express themselves in whatever way they want. Freedom of speech is one of the defining tenets of this nation, but Twitter parody accounts should be outlawed and punishable by upwards of twenty years in solitary confinement. Destroy them all.