Oops! 5 Ways Donald Trump Is Personally Indebted To Muslims

(credit: Getty)

This week, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump unveiled his plan to combat terrorism on American soil: bar anyone of Islamic faith from entering the country. His plan was met with uproarious applause from supporters and grim disapproval from his Republican colleagues.

But how would this policy work for Trump personally? Let’s take a look at a few things he owes to the people of Islam.

1. His glasses

donald trump muslims

Trump has donned reading glasses publicly multiple times and even launched his own signature collection of Donald J. Trump eyewear. Glasses-wearers owe an immense amount of gratitude to Alhazen, an Arab physicist who popularized the use of convex lenses and literally wrote the book on optics in 1021.

2. His wisdom

donald trump muslims

Twice on Twitter now, Trump’s inspired many by invoking the powerful words of boxing legend Cassius Clay, who, as we all know, became Muhammad Ali after converting to Islam in 1965.

3. Miss USA 2010

donald trump muslims

This is Donald Trump with Rima Fakih. In 2010, Fakih won the Miss USA beauty pageant, which was owned by Trump at the time. Fakih is a Muslim-American.

4. His YouTube channel

donald trump muslims

Trump’s presidential campaign would be nothing without the YouTube virality of his antics. You may remember this, YouTube’s first uploaded video, where a man of Bangladeshi descent goes to the zoo. The man in this video is Jawed Karim, one of the founders of YouTube.

5. This sky lobby at a Trump International Hotel

donald trump muslims

Many contributions to modern architecture come from people of Islamic faith. Sky lobbies are intermediate floors in tall buildings that help expedite elevator travel. The first sky lobby was designed by Fazlur Khan for the John Hancock Center in Chicago. Fazlur Khan was a Bangladeshi-American, as well as a Muslim.