Nine Trump Tweets That Prove He’s A Huge Hypocrite (And Also Won’t Change Anything At All In The Grand Scheme Of Things)


Breaking news: Trumpcare is still a huge failure.

More breaking news: President Trump refuses to take responsibility for it.

It’d be a real shame if there were, say, nine old tweets that expose his statement as yet another fraudulent empty vessel in a long line of fraudulent empty vessels but also don’t move the needle at all in terms of his political support.

Oh, look at this! We’re in luck.

This will show those Trump supporters! Or it would, if they cared about this sort of thing at all.

Got him! Sort of. I mean, he’s never going to see this, but whatever.

Yes! Hypocritical much? I said, “hypocritical much?” Did you hear me say that? No?

[Desperately waving this tweet in front of a Trump supporter’s face] See? He said the opposite thing several years ago!

This will be the final nail in his coffin. Okay, yes, technically the coffin is empty, but still.

Look at this thing he said that contradicts what he said today! This will stop him!

Interesting how you said something different in 2017. You guys seeing this? Anyone?

Or can you?

None of this matters to his die-hard supporters and he’ll never admit to any of his innumerable hypocrisies. Even if he did, nobody would care! Lol!