News From The Future: “Lock Her Up” Crowd To Brush Aside Kushner’s Use Of Private Email For White House Business


Donald Trump’s chief adviser Jared Kushner set up a private email account during the Trump presidential transition last December and, according to Politico, he has used it to conduct White House business.

That’s this week’s breaking news.

Now, by skipping ahead to the coming weeks and months through a combination of time-travel technology and we all know where this is going-style common sense… we have future breaking news that Kushner’s email scandal does not register at all with the same crowds that continue to chant “lock her up” and demand prosecution of Hillary Clinton for using a private email server.

Our confirmed sources from the future report that the Lock Her Up crowd has deemed the Kushner email reporting “biased,” “so political,” and “fake news,” and that the billionaire scion who purchased his Harvard admittance needs to be given a chance.

This is assuming that Kushner’s emails will be covered by the Fox News anchors and Russian Twitter bots that provide the Lock Her Ups with the majority of their news. Reports from the near future are still hazy on this. However, we can report with high confidence that double standards will remain in full effect, particularly with regards to members of the Trump family and women in politics.

Also reported from the future: A scan of next week’s Twitter and Facebook commentary includes remarks like: “Killary did far worse,” “What about bengazzi” and “@cafedotcom your so stupid.”