Mike Huckabee’s Terrible Tweets: An In-Depth Analysis


Mike Huckabee isn’t just the father of a notorious dog murderer, although he definitely is that. He’s also the most insanely unfunny person on the entire internet. Oftentimes his jokes are so bad, they pass straight through “terrible” and all the way into “incomprehensible.” Join us as we attempt to figure out A) what Mike is joking about, and B) why it completely sucks.

Nancy Pelosi is the screaming guy from The Scream. That’s basically it. Mike was nice enough to include a close-up of The Scream here, in case you didn’t recognize one of the most famous paintings in the history of the medium.

Not sure what’s funnier here – the topical joke, or the idea that Mike Huckabee frequently eats salad.

If you combine their names, it forms “Frankenstein.” Frankenstein isn’t from Transylvania, though. In any case, nice use of light blue Comic Sans, you geriatric graphic designer.

This year’s Oscars took place… inside of Mike Huckabee’s ass? This honestly seems like more of a joke about Mike Huckabee’s rectum than celebrity culture, but good on the guy for acting a little self-deprecating for once.

The jersey was deflated. Like the football thing. Remember when that happened? Anyway, that also… happened to the jersey somehow? Great stuff.

Mike has a speech impediment? I think that’s what he was going for here. Again, the self-deprecation is a pleasant surprise.

Mike wants his son to kill James Comey’s dog. Way darker than I would have expected. Yikes.