Study: Getting Manhandled By a Trump Aide Bad for Your Fox News Career

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(credit: Fox News)

It feels like months ago — back when America still made a lick of sense — but just last week Donald Trump’s campaign manager was accused of assaulting a conservative female reporter because she asked a tough question.

The campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Trump responded by accusing Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields of just making the whole thing up — because you can call masses of immigrants rapists but can’t say anything bad about the Trump organization.

The story — like Trump’s failure to release his tax returns, his false claims of self-funding and complete lack of coherent policies — was completely wiped out of the news when Trump cancelled his Chicago rally due to the violence he’s winked at during his rallies all across the nation getting a little too violent.

Fields and her colleague Ben Shapiro resigned from Breitbart on Monday when the site — which is Bop Magazine to Trump’s Backstreet Boys — refused to defend the reporter. Breitbart responded by saying Shapiro had betrayed “loyal Breitbart readers” in a post that included an image of Shapiro, an orthodox Jew, framed in a yellow star. It was the most disgusting thing anyone has ever seen on Breitbart until they scrolled down to the first comment.

And conservative men keep rewarding Fields’ bravery for speaking out against Team Trump by turning against her.

Previously, she had regularly appeared on the Fox News show Cashin’ In hosted by Eric Bolling, a guy who looks like a cross between Dr. Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk.

“But that’s all over now that she dared to get manhandled by Donald Trump’s notoriously shady campaign manager,” The Daily Beast reports.

“Fields was told that she’s off the show because she is no longer ‘impartial’ to Trump and therefore cannot speak objectively on his candidacy so long as it’s in the news.”

Because being impartial is very important for a channel that features Sean Hannity, who spends his weekend as a hype man at Trump rallies. The truth is that guys like Hannity and Boiling have worked too long shining Trump’s boots to see the bottom of them now.

Fox News has now cancelled a debate because Trump won’t show up to it, and given Trump free rein to call into any show he likes even as he continues to call its star broadcaster Megyn Kelly “crazy.”

Has Trump taken over Fox News because he’s now the de facto leader of the Republican Party or was it the other way around? And if Michelle Fields, a conservative reporter, isn’t safe from Trump’s smear machine, who is?

Someone has to pay the consequences of the rise of Donald Trump and apparently it’s the women who work at Fox News.

UPDATE: A Fox News spokesperson sent in the following response to this story: “There was never any discussion or directive to remove Michelle Fields from the program and certainly not by Eric Bolling. The only recent conversation about her appearances on Cashin’ In was with a show producer Wednesday night and they mutually agreed to take her role as a guest panelist on a week to week basis.”