Meet The Idiots Who Are Still Very Angry About Colin Kaepernick’s Charity Work


Is anything more guaranteed in life than “when Colin Kaepernick does something selfless, dozens of morons will criticize him no matter what?” That’s exactly what happened yesterday when a story about Kaepernick handing out suits to recent parolees made the rounds online.

The responses, for the most part, were positive. Colin’s act of charity, however, did generate its fair share of unbelievably stupid takes. Here are a few of them:

He is literally handing out suits to people in the inner city. Also, how do you pay for race riots? I’m interested in donating to the cause.

“He’s just doing it for attention,” says man with shirtless profile picture.

He should be doing stuff to help the needy.

[Colin Kaepernick does stuff to help the needy]

Uh, I meant different stuff.

Just say he shouldn’t be handing out suits to black people. Just say it. You know you want to.

Rather than this one act of charity, why doesn’t he perform this other act of charity instead? Hm? Check and mate.

This is actually a bad thing, and it’s also somehow Obama’s fault.

[Offers terrible take on situation]

I will not offer a terrible take on this situation.

This guy deserves to starve because he kneeled down during a song I like. People are wonderful.