Marijuana Legalization “A Horrible Idea,” Says Ziploc CEO


Insisting it would be “a slippery slope towards the decriminalization of harder drugs” and “detrimental to business,” S.C. Johnson & Son CEO and owner of the Ziploc storage bag brand Herbert Fisk Johnson III spoke out this week against the potential legalization of marijuana.

“Loss of short-term memory. Waning reaction time. Respiratory damage. Just a short list of the harmful effects marijuana has on even the most moderate of users,” Johnson says, adding that illegitimate pot dealers accounted for an estimated 30% of all Ziploc bag sales in 2014.

“Look,” he continued. “Once regulated, every dope company and independent licensed weed dealer will distinguish themselves with their own unique manner of packaging. At this point, Ziploc sales dive as our customer base goes back to marinating meat and storing sandwiches.”

Joining Herbert in his opposition to permissive marijuana legislation are the chairmen of Verizon and Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of prepaid cell phones and Visine, respectively.