Life Hacks For Men To Reduce Emotional Labor

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Ruh roh, men. Looks like the final days of coasting by on your manly privilege are approaching thanks to a viral Harper’s Bazaar article on Emotional Labor. The piece, by Gemma Hartley, talked about the stress that often falls on women in heterosexual relationships who have to manage the emotional requirements of their daily responsibilities, and it struck a chord with many women who are fed up with the amount of unpaid labor that goes unnoticed in their marriages. But don’t fret just yet. Here are some ingenious life hacks to make emotional labor a little less laborious.

Give Your Kids A Bus Pass

So much work goes into organizing and planning your children’s schedules. What time do they need to be at school? What time do they need to be picked up? Where is soccer practice? Blah. Blah. Blah. Who wants to deal with that? One quick way to remove some of the burden of children is a bus pass! Buy them a monthly bus pass that automatically reloads and keep that precious thinking time for your favorite sports team! How will your kid know how to work the bus system and stay on top of their schedule if you can’t? Don’t worry, they’ll probably ask someone!

Automate House Cleaning

Cleaning sucks but somebody’s gotta do it, right? Or we’d live in filth. Why not have a robot take care of it? Buy a Roomba or something that you can preset to clean every day! Do Roomba’s do that? Maybe someone created a cleaning robot? I don’t know. But it’s 2017. It’s gotta exist! Ask your friends on Facebook if they know. Someone has probably researched it and can just tell you.  

Don’t Pay Your Bills

Phone, internet, electricity, rent, loans, groceries, it’s a never-ending list of bills! Just writing that was exhausting. Phew. A good way to not think about bills is to not pay them! In the long term, it will probably create a lot of problems that require an annoying amount of work, but in the short term, no emotional labor!

Don’t Celebrate Holidays

There’s really no way around it. Don’t celebrate any of them. Who has the capacity to remember their loved one’s birthday? Every year!? COME ON.

Fuck All Relationships

Whether they are platonic, romantic or familial, relationships are A LOT OF WORK. Honestly, who has time for the most important and meaningful part of life? Not you, that’s who. Forgo all human connection and the weight of caring for others will magically disappear! Sure, it sounds a bit extreme and could cause debilitating depression, but hey, at least you don’t have to deal with that pesky emotional labor!