LeBron James Is Lying About His Experiences With Racism, According To Racists


For whatever reason, tons of people on Twitter seem to think LeBron James lied about his Los Angeles mansion being vandalized with a racial slur. This is weird on two levels. First of all, usually when these people see a headline like this:

… they tend to believe whatever it is the police say. Kinda strange how that’s not happening this time.

Secondly, what does LeBron have to gain from this? Their theories range from “He’ll use it as an excuse for when he loses” to “He lied about it because he hates President Trump” to “He’s just doing it for attention since he can’t experience racism anyway because he’s rich and famous.

Huh. Personally, I think the millionaire pro athlete with more to lose than gain from lying about racism probably didn’t lie about racism – but let’s see what the people of Twitter have to say about that.

Thank you for your kind words, Kjfkugkujvj.

Okay, so this lady thinks LeBron lied about having his house vandalized for, uh, reasons unknown.

Ah, okay. The reasons are known now.

These guys really want to see a picture of the n-word spray-painted on a gate. They won’t rest until they see the gate slur.

“Racism isn’t a problem in our society. Also, please ignore my tweets.”

Surely this guy is an unbiased source of racism knowledge.

Let’s go to the tape:

Hm… beginning to think this guy isn’t exactly a bottomless font of information when it comes to what qualifies as racist and what doesn’t.