Job Alert! Join The YouTube Kids Team Of Moderators Who Watch Disturbing Content All Day




Hello! YouTube Kids is expanding its Content Review Department and is looking for passionate, highly motivated self-starters to join our growing 10,000-strong team of moderators! Seeking easygoing, punctual team players to find, consume, and destroy the unbelievable, vast network of deeply disturbing videos on our platform. It’ll be fun!

This hire will spend eight full hours each day identifying sadistic, highly damaging content aimed at children, typically revolving around cartoon characters, superheroes, princesses, and the big weird German worm from A Bug’s Life. This is an exciting position at a great company and you want to do this! Everyone wants this job! It is a good job that is desirable!

Ideal candidates are ambitious, organized, and possess the emotional and mental fortitude to accept that there is a whole GENRE of videos where a pregnant CGI Spider-Man does hit and runs, killing Mickey Mouse and then setting him on fire. If you cannot handle this information, the job is not for you and you MUST stop reading now, for your own safety. What are you though, a coward? Take the job, for Christ’s sake!

The office is fun! Ha ha, we certainly don’t mean to imply that this will be a profoundly sad and devastating job that may ruin your very idea of what jobs are! We have fun! Sure, we have to watch a few (thousand) videos every day where the cast of Dragon Tales feeds a squealing Olaf the snowman to a huge snake with the face of a human child, as “Hurt” by Johnny Cash plays in the background. But, you know, that’s most jobs! We are a chill, youthful workspace where people have a good time and, in fact, laugh. Ha ha! See? Ha ha!

Please apply. Please. We need you. We have done enough. It is your turn now.


  • Monitor video uploads and delete those deemed “disturbing.” No biggie!
  • Identify and remove comments that violate our policies. Easy as pie!
  • Understand the difference between Shrek, the good-natured ogre from film canon, and “Sleck”, a bootleg Shrek lookalike character with a spider body, and malicious desire to consume the dreams of teenagers. YouTube belongs to Sleck, and we must take it back from him. Good God, we must.
  • Travel as required. Very cool!


  • Dog friendly! Bring your canine pals!
  • Weekly catered lunches! Come hungry!
  • Mandatory 15 minute “scream breaks” each hour in which all employees must stand facing a blank wall and scream as loud as they can to drown out the sounds of videos where the Hulk tickles Goofy until he goes into cardiac arrest as the sentence “This is what sex is” flashes across the screen.
  • Free YouTube Red subscription! Nice!


  • Just a general willingness to come into the office.
  • Courage to face the unending barrage of digital terror festering on our platform.
  • A lifelong vow to never speak of the things you see here.
  • 5+ years experience in the digital space.

Not convinced this amazing job is right for you? Don’t take our word for it: here are some moderator testimonials!

“I watched a video where Sonic the Hedgehog cut Snoopy with a sword. Snoopy did not die, he simply became two Snoopys. One of the Snoopys ate the other and the video ended. It is a good thing that we watch these videos. We are good. Please come take my job.” – Lauren K.

“I used to sleep all the time. Too much. Now, I never sleep. I owe it to this job.” – Ken A.

“Thomas the Tank Engine is a bad man and what he did to Wall-E makes me sick to my stomach. It was right for Thomas to get the electric chair. The videos are justice. The videos are my life.” – Bob V.

“The lunches are good.” – Casey S.