19 Slang Words Jeb Bush Should Use Next

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Jeb Bush has been using a lot of cool, hip slang lately on the campaign trail. The other day he called Donald Trump a “jerk,” he gave advice on how to take a proper selfie, and just recently he said of Donald Trump, “The dude ought to try to figure out what the nuclear triad is.”

Jeb is a regular Urban Dictionary with all the cool slang terms that come out of his mouth, and here at CAFE we have a few dope words and phrases that we think he should use next.

1. My Bad

2. Disaster

3. Fool

4. Bad for Business

5. Dead In The Water

6. Pushing Up Daisies

7. Tits Up

8. Beating a Dead Horse

9. Down The Tubes

10. Kicked The Bucket

11. Over Before It Started

12. Put Out To Pasture

13. Lick Your Wounds

14. Get Out of the Race, Man

15. It’s Okay To Fail

16. It’s Not Totally Your Fault

17. It’s Hard To Handle

18. Go Home To Your Bae

19. This Doesn’t Mean Your Brother Is Better Than You