Inspiring: Ivanka Trump Bravely Takes A Stand Against Equal Pay For Women


Barack Obama: Hey, we should collect data on the gender pay gap to see what can be done to fix this problem.

Donald Trump: Not so fast.

That’s right, folks: President Trump has decided to end an Obama administration program intended to gather data about the wage gap – and guess who’s on board with this decision? Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite First Daughter, Ivanka. CNN explains:

Though Trump’s initial inclination was to keep the data collection going, she was convinced by arguments from those opposing the rule, a White House official told CNN. Those against the rule advocated that it was ineffective and burdensome to employers.

Wow. Two words: courage personified. Ivanka originally wanted to keep the program running, and then somebody told her it was bad, so she changed her mind. In fairness, she did say she wanted to stay out of politics, and what better way to stay out of politics than by just saying “Eh, get rid of it, whatever, I don’t really care either way.”

What’s next for this bold and intrepid leader of women? I’ve got some Ivanka-related headline predictions ready to go.