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Preet here. New House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler wants to vote on a subpoena to Acting AG Whitaker, who’s already agreed to testify Friday. Unusual move and signals Nadler is willing to play hard ball.

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Preet here. Mueller’s latest indictment against Roger Stone is a slam dunk. There’s no defense I see to the obstruction & lying charges. Still, even if Stone flips, is such a liar usable? Recall Manafort. He tried and failed, kept lying.

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Vague language may not be enough and if Cohen is the only witness, the charge is not so strong. Anne and I will discuss on Insider pod Monday.


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Preet here. The Buzzfeed report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress has explosive implications. I urge caution though, b/c the exact phrasing Trump used is critical for any possible charge of suborning perjury.

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Preet here. Michael Cohen to testify before House Gov. Oversight Committee on Feb 7. It will be part spectacle, part inquiry, and part factual foundation for future impeachment.

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Preet here. Happy New Year, all. The new Congress is being sworn in. That means a whole new world of oversight, maybe even impeachment. Look forward to discussing with Anne on Monday’s Insider Podcast.

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