CAFE Insider 03/25: “Don’t Barr Mueller’s Report”

Show Notes

CAFE Insider: “Don’t Barr Mueller’s Report”

Taped on 3/25/19

Preet and Anne dissect Attorney General Bill Barr’s summary of Bob Mueller’s principal conclusions and look ahead to what’s next.

References and supplemental materials

Bob Mueller

  • Preet’s blurb on Bob Mueller for the Time100 from 2018
  • An article from the Washington Post on the origin of Mueller’s investigation into obstruction of justice
  • A March 2019 Congressional Research Service report: “Special Counsel Investigations: History, Authority, Appointment and Removal”

Bill Barr

  • AG Bill Barr’s letter to congressional leaders summarizing Mueller’s principal conclusions
  • 28 CFR § 600.8 – Notification and reports by the Special Counsel
  • Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 6(e) – Recording and Disclosing Grand Jury Proceedings.
  • A tweet from CNN’s Laura Jarrett reporting that Mueller was not consulted on AG Barr’s letter


  • Trump’s response to Barr’s summary
  • An article from Politico about Trump’s written responses to Mueller’s questions (in lieu of an in-person interview)

Rudy Giuliani & charging obstruction when there’s no underlying crime

  • Transcript and video of Rudy Giuliani’s appearance on CNN, where he argues, “it’s almost impossible to have obstruction of justice if there’s no underlying crime.”
  • An article from the NYT on Martha Stewart’s 2003 case in which she was charged with obstruction, but not the underlying crime of insider trading.

Roger Stone

Michael Flynn

  • An article from CNN on Michael Flynn’s cooperation in other criminal investigations

Other investigations

  • A report from NPR on investigations into Trump by other prosecutor offices and congressional committees


  • The DOJ report on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

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