Fox News Accidentally Interviews A Guy Who Actually Knows What He’s Talking About


Hurricane Irma is making its way up through Florida right now, but not necessarily in the originally projected direction (between this and the 2016 election results, it hasn’t been a great year for predictions). Most of South Florida has been evacuated, including Rush Limbaugh, who bravely sneaked out after declaring Hurricane Irma “fake news.” And as with most disasters and dangerous areas, reporters are flocking to the scene to interview the people staying behind to ask if they’re scared, mostly to drive the point home that the world is a terrifying fearhole.

In Miami Beach, a Fox News reporter was caught off guard when he accidentally encountered someone with actual information and facts.

The reporter approached a couple walking through a mostly vacant Miami Beach to ask how they felt about the risk they were taking by remaining in the path of Hurricane Irma.

That’s when the man in question proceeded to school the reporter by informing him that the eye of the hurricane was actually 220 miles away, and further demonstrated mastery of the subject by using words like “meridian,” “longitude,” and “degrees.”

As this man confidently spits statistics about the looming hurricane, you can hear the in studio anchors asking “is he right?” – providing more evidence that the news gets its information much later than anyone who knows what’s actually going on.