Even More “Deep” Memes About Society That Won’t Make You Think At All


Making fun of “deep” memes about society is a pastime that never gets old. Luckily for us, people keep tweeting them out as if they actually mean something. This one account in particular – @storyinpicture – is the most notorious culprit of them all. I, for one, am grateful for @storyinpicture’s hard work posting drawings of frowning kids holding flowers or whatever. Please never stop.

“Be as smart as a dog.” Got it.

Wait a second… the guy says he’s okay, and yet he’s dragging several large balls that say bad things on them. Not sure I get it. All right, we’ll come back to this one.

Those idiots in the expensive gallery could stare at the actual homeless kid for free. Morons.

Gotcha. This guy is a huge dumbass.

This guy saw the huge sign that says “Artist” and is headed down that road. Everyone else has decided to go down the other road. Not sure what the big deal is.

4. The dog is badass.

What if the people in the crowd are evacuating a city due to an oncoming hurricane? What then?

Counterpoint: no, it isn’t.

Wait, which one is the media? It’s kinda unclear. Maybe a gigantic label would help.