Donald Trump’s White House Invitations For African American Music Appreciation Month Could Use Some Work


So Donald “I have a great relationship with the Blacks” Trump recently declared June as African American Music Appreciation Month. This means we will have to endure another month of painfully awkward speeches, photo ops, and resurrections of popular black figures.

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Most black celebrities and musicians do not support Trump so the White House will need to get a little creative for their inaugural African American music appropriation…uh, I mean appreciation month. Here are a few artists I think would be perfect for the occasion. 

Iggy Azalea

The Australian rapper has “appreciated” so many different cultures, Sean Spicer will claim she’s “diverse.”

Katy Perry

Now that Miley Cyrus has stepped down from her “white girl who tried on black culture till it no longer benefited her” throne, Perry has taken over and is killing it. 

White Dude Bro Rappers

I don’t know who this is but Trump and a small group of people DEFINITELY know who this is.

His Blacks

So Steve Harvey, Ben Carson, and Omarosa aren’t really musicians but they are his Blacks. He’s gonna need them at all the month’s official White House events to save face. Especially Carson with his poverty state of mind.

Rachel Dolezal

Also, not really a musician but the amount of privilege and audacity it takes for a white woman to build a career from identifying as black is pretty close to the privilege and audacity it takes for a white man to build a political career from a racist witch hunt. And if anyone understands the ire of Fake News and Liberal Media that Trump endures day in and day out, it’s “I don’t understand the question” Dolezal. Bonus: She has just the right amount of cognitive dissonance to join his crew of Blacks.

These Girls From Twitter 

Nothing says Trump like unskilled and untalented white people becoming famous for going viral on Twitter.

Katy Perry Again 

She deserves another appearance just for this.

Justin Bieber 

You better belieb Bieber would get invited. Imagine the riveting and nuanced conversation on the rich intersection of Latin food, history, and culture Bieber and Trump would have. “I love the Hispanics! Taco Bowl! Thumbs up!”  “Dorito! Poquito! I just ate a Burrito!”

lol, kill me.

Those College Frat Boys That Sang Racist Shit

Which ones? Good question.

Bill Maher

A sexist Islamaphobe said the n-word on live TV. That’s an automatic invite to any White House event.

Katy Perry Yet Again

53% of white women voted for Trump.