Donald Trump Is Probably Going To Pardon Joe Arpaio – Who’s Next On His List?


If you missed his incoherent garbling in Phoenix last night, President Trump strongly hinted that he’s planning on pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Who is Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Just to give you a basic idea, the “Controversies” section of his Wikipedia entry is longer than the “Tenure as sheriff” section.

It’s a long list, but my personal favorite is “staged assassination plot.”

In 1999, undercover MCSO deputies arrested James Saville, then 18 years old, and charged him with plotting to kill Arpaio with a pipe bomb… On July 9, 2003, a Maricopa County Superior Court jury acquitted Saville, finding that the bomb plot was an elaborate publicity stunt to boost Arpaio’s reelection bid.

Oh yeah, he’s a gigantic racist, too. Pretty bad, right? Well, judging by this alleged list of potential pardons we dug up, it might be about to get a lot worse: