These “Deep” Memes About Society Are The Stupidest Things On The Internet


I’ve discussed flat earth memes here before, and as we discovered, they’re fairly stupid. Guess what? I’ve found something even worse: faux-deep memes about the ills of society. Yes, the flat earth memes are stupid. These are somehow even stupider. Enjoy!

Ah, god damn it. Now we have color photos of this extremely important historical event, which we can use to determine exactly how and why the ship sank.


Totally unrealistic. The guy on the bench should be jealous of the guy with that sweet wheelie platform.

Holy shit. That is society.

Even if this guy’s eyes are open he still won’t be able to breathe. Another powerful metaphor?

No it isn’t!

Okay, wait, if we go by the rules of the previous brain meme, doesn’t this mean the sharpened pencil was just working on itself?

The left rabbit won’t be able to pull his huge carrot out of the ground. The right rabbit is much more rational.

Completely agree with the message here: animals are stupid and deserve to die.

Damn… he was finally able to juggle when he stopped walking up a fucking flight of stairs like a moron.

Falling in the grave will make it easier to get the money.

Butterflies are blind idiots. Gotcha.

Psst… it’s you. The guy holding up the missing persons photo. That’s you.