DEBATE FACT-CHECK: Audience Claims Mention of Strom Thurmond’s Name Warrants Applause. Verdict: False

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Last night, the top tier Republican candidates gathered in North Charleston, South Carolina for yet another presidential debate. Let’s take a look at the accuracy of their statements.

Ted Cruz: “The next commander-in-chief is standing on this stage tonight.” Indeterminable. Kierkegaard once postulated “once you label me, you negate me,” suggesting characterizations like “commander-in-chief” allow the boundaries of said label to supersede actuality.

Chris Christie says if he’s nominee, Hillary Clinton won’t get anywhere near the White House. False. The White House allows anyone to enter its premises as long as it’s to retrieve a frisbee.

Cruz says the movie It Follows  is about an “evil demonic spirit” that “jumps from body to body possessing people.” False. It Follows is about a curse, not a demonic spirit.

John Kasich claims he’s helped create 385,000 jobs in Ohio. Misleading. Most jobs in Ohio were created in the last week to contain fires set following Cincinnati’s playoff loss.

Jeb Bush: “Everyone on this stage has more Y chromosomes than Hillary Clinton.” True.

According to the audience, the mention of Strom Thurmond warrants applause. No. No it does not.

Marco Rubio believes President Obama refuses to keep his hands off citizen’s guns. False. Protocol for the confiscation of a firearm states that you must use your feet.

Donald Trump, an honest to God viable candidate for the next leader of the free world, says, “We have a huge mental health problem in this country.” Very true.