DEBATE FACT-CHECK: Mike Huckabee Misled Americans About the Ending to Casablanca

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tuesday night, the Republican presidential candidates fought it out in the final GOP debate of the year. Unfortunately, many of the candidates’ statements stretched the bounds of truthfulness.

CAFE has fact-checked several of their remarks below:

Mike Huckabee claimed that Casablanca ends with characters walking off into a sunset. In fact, Casablanca concludes with Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains walking into a thick fog.  False.

Ben Carson claimed, about an hour into the debate, that this was the first time he had spoken. A quick YouTube search reveals that Carson has spoken many times before tonight. False. 

Donald Trump stood by his comments that the U.S. should shut down parts of the Internet and claimed this would be an effective way to combat ISIS. Mostly true. Though prominent on social media, most ISIS militants believe that nothing beats the sentiment, charm, and heartfelt nostalgia of a nice handwritten letter.

Marco Rubio asserted that “Assad is one of the main reasons that ISIS even exists.” True, though incredibly brave of a Republican candidate to place the blame of anything squarely on someone other than Barack Obama.

George Pataki implied that Donald Trump said Muslim-American soldiers shouldn’t be allowed back into the country. False. Hmm? What, seriously? Oh, for God’s sake, he actually did say that. True. 

Cruz alleged “we didn’t monitor the Facebook page of the San Bernardino terrorist because DHS thought it would be inappropriate.” The shooter’s Facebook page was, in fact, deactivated temporarily so she could focus on finals. False. 

Carson: “When I was a crab fisherman…” Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon. False. 

Carson also insisted that in war it is “merciful” to finish the job instead of “death by a thousand pricks.” There are, in fact, over 10,000 pricks fighting for ISIS. Mostly false. 

Chris Christie called President Obama a “feckless weakling,” regarding his foreign policy. True. In 2013, First Lady Michelle Obama placed her family on a diet that strictly forbids feck.

Jeb Bush claimed that Donald Trump will not be able to “insult [his] way to the presidency.” True. Hmm? 41 percent? 41 percent in what? A national poll? Really? Jesus. Okay. False.