DEBATE FACT-CHECK: Hillary Calls President “Hardest Job in the World.” False, It’s Alaskan Crab Fisherman

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Sunday night, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley gathered in Charleston, South Carolina for their fourth and final debate before the primary election. Were the candidates truthful in their race for the Democratic nominee? Let’s take a look.

Bernie Sanders: “I don’t take money from big banks.” False. Our fat friend, Nathan “Big Banks” Banks, donated $30 to the Sanders campaign.

Hillary Clinton: “I understand that [United States president] is the hardest job in the world.” False. Anyone with the Discovery Channel knows this bragging right belongs to Alaskan crab fishermen.

Martin O’Malley: “If a bank robber robs a bank and all you do is slap him on the wrist, he’s just going to keep robbing banks again.” Excuse me? Him? He? Women are every bit as capable of carrying out high profile bank heists, Governor. Hello, Bonnie Parker? Patty Hearst? Ring any bells?

Sanders: “Climate change is real.” The jury is still out on this one. And by “jury” we mean that out of millions of scientists roughly twelve of them disagree.

O’Malley: “I also agree with Benjamin Franklin, who said, bold deduction never fails, that’s for certain. The worst of messes become successes.” This is a lyric from the DuckTales theme song.

Clinton: “I’m very proud of the Iran nuclear agreement.” Mostly true. Though proud, Clinton often takes the Iran nuclear agreement aside and tells it it will never live up to the potential of its older brother, the disarmament of Libya.