D.B. Weiss and David Benioff Have Lots of Other Offensive Show Ideas


D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, the show-runners for HBO’s Game of Thrones, recently announced their next co-venture: they’re creating an alternate-history show that imagines what the world would be like if — wait for it — the South had won the Civil War.

This idea has a lot of people fired up, for reasons maybe best expressed in this tweet:

But just in case the show doesn’t go through, Weiss and Benioff have lots of other alternate-history shows in the docket. Shows like …

SUFFRAGETTE. Takes place in a world where women never got the right to vote, and while it is definitely BAD, also the lines are shorter on voting day, so … a lot to think about


ADAM AND STEVE. Boldly — and, this can’t be said enough, offensively — reimagines what the last two years would have been like if SCOTUS hadn’t ruled that same-sex marriage was legal across the land.


PASTEUR. A dystopian hellscape alt-history where Louis Pasteur never cleaned up milk.

EIGHT TRACK. A horror film more than anything, the twisted minds of Weiss and Benioff imagine a world where cassette tapes never eclipsed the eight-track and they just skipped right to CDs I guess.


REMEMBER DANNY FROM DOWN THE STREET. Why didn’t you ever go out with that nice boy Danny, I hear he has his own law practice now. (An alt-documentary narrated by your mother).


CONFEDERATE II: Did you know that the Irish were slaves too? In Confederate II, Weiss and Benioff imagine what the United States would be like if the IRISH were still slaves. WHOA.