How Conservatives Would Respond if That Beaten Trump Protestor Were a White Guy at an Obama Rally

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A scuffle broke out this weekend at a Trump campaign stop in Birmingham, Alabama after local social activist Mercutio Southall Jr. shouted “Black Lives Matter” in the middle of the GOP frontrunner’s speech. His rally cry was met with not only Trump’s insistence to “get him the hell out” of the convention center, but the pushing, punching, and kicking of the Trump supporters surrounding him.


The political right seems to think that the protester received his just desserts. But what would they say if this were, say, a vocal All Lives Matter advocate interrupting, let’s say, an Obama speech and then being assaulted by, oh I don’t know, a group of black people?

Instead of this,




Breitbart would most likely run with this:


breitbart obama (1)


Bill O’Reilly’s talking points commentary




would be far less empathetic to the protestor.


oreilly obama


The Daily Caller


daily caller


would instead use this as their footage caption:


daily caller obama


Fox News Insider




would insist there’s an attack on our freedoms, using dubious spelling:


fox obama


And finally, your uncle Herbert




would continue to embarrass you on social media.


herb obama