Conservative Snowflakes Are Outraged That Poor Ivanka Trump Got Booed In Germany


Ivanka Trump recently spoke at a women’s panel in Germany, and as you may have expected, the response was somewhat icy. In the grand scheme of things, though, it’s not really a big deal, right? A few seconds of hissing/booing is a small price to pay when you’re incredibly wealthy and powerful. Don’t tell that to conservatives on Twitter, though, who were incredibly pissed off to say the least. Kinda weird coming from a group of people who use the word “snowflake” more than TV meteorologists.

Colonel Snowflake, reporting for duty.

Snowflake: being offended by the Trumps

Not a snowflake: being offended by a Trump getting booed

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You sure about that?

Self-awareness has been dead for a long, long time.

Seriously, this stuff writes itself.

Vicki, would you say you were… triggered?

Snowflake’s Law: The more you tweet about liberal snowflakes, the more angry you’ll get at something relatively innocuous happening to a Trump.